Do You Have a Taste for Some Caviar? Let’s Learn About the 13 Best Russian Caviar Choices

As many of my readers know, I am very interested in tasting other countries’ food and drink options. This has led me to stumble upon the incredibly made Russian caviar. After trying it a few times, it has quickly become one of my favorite meal choices. Therefore, I began conducting research to find out everything there is to know about this mouthwatering dish. I thought I would spare my readers the trouble of doing their own research and share all that I have learned about Russian caviar.

Do You Have a Taste for Some Caviar? Let's Learn About the 13 Best Russian Caviar Choices

One of my favorite types of caviar is black caviar. However, black caviar is one of the most expensive types of food in the entire world. The reason for this is because it is hard to find, but that was not always the case. In fact, it was very affordable in the 12th century because Russia was overflowing with caviar. Since it is so expensive and difficult to get your hands on, I will include a variety of options in this article, which I fully believe are the best caviar choices out there.

After reading this article, you will officially know:

  • 1. Several top facts about Russian caviar
  • 2. The process of how caviar is produced in Russia
  • 3. How to choose great tasting caviar
  • 4. My reviews of the best types of caviar
  • 5. Other things that you may need if you are interested in buying caviar

It is important to keep in mind that I have researched and tasted about 30 different caviar products and chose 13 of my favorites for this article. A few other products that are not on my list but are worth mentioning are Tsaritsa Imperial Ossetra Caviar – Golden Large Pearl, the Russian Ossetra Crown Farmed Caviar, and the Russian Ossetra Sturgeon Caviar. Each of these caviar products are really good, but I am confident that the products on my list are even better. However, if you have tried the choices on my list and are not satisfied or would like to try more, consider ordering these products.

Top Facts About Russian Caviar

There are a lot of fun and interesting facts when it comes to Russian caviar. While eating a nice bowl of caviar, I began reading as many facts as I could. This was an amusing way to pass the time while enjoying my food. I will share some of the top facts that I found below.

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The following are several of top facts about Russian caviar:

  1. If you are wondering what caviar is made of, I will share the secret here. In short answer, it is made from fish eggs which are often referred to as “roe.”
  2. The price of caviar is dependent on the size and color. Some people have a preference to the size and color that they like to eat. The most expensive eggs are typically black, gold, or silver. This is partially because they look like rare elements, making them more appealing to look at than small, dull colored eggs.
  3. Many professional caviar eaters believe that the best caviar comes from wild Sturgeon versus farmed fish. However, even if this is true, caviar from farmed fish is becoming increasingly popular among chefs and consumers because of its cheaper price and more variety to choose from.
  4. The oldest document mentioning caviar is dated back to the 1240s. It was mentioned in a speech by Batu Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson.
  5. Majority of the world’s caviar is produced in Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.
  6. Caviar has a lot of iron, magnesium, protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B6 and B12, and selenium.
  7. You should never freeze caviar and only serve it in a glass bowl chilled over ice.
  8. In the past, caviar was commonly used to help with depression.
  9. Caviar is seen as a fancy type of food. In fact, it is on the level of truffles, champagne, and oysters.

Since you are planning to have one of Russia’s famous foods, you should also learn more about Russian facts in general. You can do so by clicking here.

To find out more information about caviar, I recommend watching Happy fly. Ru’s YouTube video. This video will provide you with a lot of knowledge about caviar.

Next, I will explain how caviar is produced in Russia.

Caviar Production in Russia

When you look at caviar, it is common to wonder how this unique food is processed and prepared. I found out that there are four major ways that caviar can be processed. Below, I will go into detail about these four processing methods.


In the Russian language, malossol means “little salt.” Therefore, this processing method is self-explanatory. The fish eggs are processed using as little salt as possible, which some like better. However, it is important to know that the less salt you use, the more likely the caviar can become perishable rather quickly.

Therefore, Malossol Caviar Is Typically Expensive


Pasteurized caviar is firmer than any other type of caviar. The reason for this is because it is treated by heat and packed using a vacuum. This process includes putting the caviar into closed-tight jars to keep it preserved for as long as possible. You should keep in mind that pasteurized caviar is known to have a different type of taste and texture when compared to other types.

The Main Advantage of Such Caviar Is a Long Shelf Life


Pressed caviar, also referred to as pajusnaya or payusnaya, is made out of broken, damaged, and weak fish eggs that happened to pass through the straining process. They are salted, treated, and pressed to create a type of caviar that has a jam or jelly-like appearance and texture. The pressed caviar is often used as a spread on toast or in other recipes.

This Caviar Is Great for Breakfast


Caviar is known for its salty taste, so it is no surprise to find out that all types of caviar are salted to some extent. While most professional caviar eaters prefer the malossol process, there are still several people who enjoy salted caviar. Therefore, you can choose different types of salted caviar which includes pressed and pasteurized options.

Salted Caviar Goes Well With Pancakes

With people fishing more and more, it has caused sturgeon to be on the verge of extinction. In response, more and more farms are popping up that focus on creating caviar. Although most people prefer the wild sturgeon caviar, farmed caviar is taking over the industry. The real caviar is classified as beluga, ossetra, and sevruga. The farmed caviar is known as trout, lumpfish, capelin, whitefish, bowfin, hackleback, paddlefish, salmon, and more.

If you would like to see how caviar is produced in Russia, take a look at BBC Studios’ YouTube video. It gives you a quick glimpse of what life is like for the entrepreneurs who are creating Russian caviar in today’s world.

For your convenience, I will now tell you how to choose great caviar.

Guide on How to Choose Great Caviar

It is important to learn how to choose great caviar because there are a lot of frauds out there serving unauthentic and fake options. Therefore, I will give you a few tips that should be helpful to you in the process of choosing the best caviar for your taste buds.

1. The Higher the Price Does Not Always Mean the Better the Caviar

Caviar is always expensive. In fact, even the less expensive options are still considered to be on the pricey side. However, do not let restaurants and sellers fool you into thinking that the most expensive options are the best. Caviar is usually so expensive because it is rare and hard to find, but you should know that this does not mean that it will taste better to you.

For Example, Some Wine Drinkers Prefer the Less Expensive Wines and Are Happy to Not Spend More Money

2. Try Inexpensive Types of Caviar to Begin With

If you are new at trying caviar, I do not recommend starting with the most expensive types. My reasoning for this is because I believe that you should take the time to really think about what you like about this type of food before spending a lot of money on it. If you jump into trying the pricey options, you will just be wasting your money. Decide what kinds of caviar you prefer before moving up to a higher price. You may not like caviar at all, which means you will have saved yourself from spending too much money.

Think About if You Prefer Salty, Creamy, Fishy, or Buttery

3. If You Are at a Restaurant, Ask for a Taste of the Caviar Before Buying It

If you are out searching for some caviar, ask if you can have a taste first before committing to buying it. When we go to the store and look at clothes, a car, or any other item, we typically like to try it out first. Since caviar can be so expensive, it is best to try a taste test beforehand. This is important because each batch of caviar can taste completely different.

In Good Restaurants, the Waiters Will Always Advise You

4. Make Sure You Purchase Enough to Be Able to Say You Fully Tried It

Most people are hesitant when buying caviar for the first time. In response, they may put five fish eggs in their mouth, which is not enough to determine if you truly like it or not. You need to take a few large bites to be able to fully get an understanding of the taste and texture. Therefore, my advice is to buy a nice sized jar or container of caviar to ensure that you get to fully try this unique tasting food.

You Need to Feel All the Shades of Taste

5. Do Not Buy More Than You Know That You Will Eat

Caviar only lasts for a short amount of time, so do not buy more than you will eat. You also should eat it quickly before it becomes spoiled. Once you have opened the tin, the quality of the caviar will start depreciating in quality very fast. You may not like it when the fish eggs start becoming soft, liquid-like, and smelly. Therefore, my recommendation is to eat your purchased caviar within the first day.

It Is Very Important to Try It When It Is at Its Best

6. Look at the Ggrades

Caviar is graded by its size, flavor, and texture. Here are some examples that are noteworthy when looking at caviar grades: Grade 1 is typically firm and large fish eggs with an attractive color and appetizing taste. Grade 2 is still tasty but not as delicate and creamy.

If you are looking at Beluga caviar, you may see the numbers 000, 00, or 0. The numbers 000 means light grey, 00 means medium-shade grey, and 0 simply means grey. Although light colors are more difficult to find than darker colors, keep in mind that the color has nothing to do with taste. If the fish eggs are damaged in any way, they will not be graded at all, but this does not mean that you cannot still eat this type of caviar.

A Lot Depends on What Kind of Caviar You Prefer

One of my all-time favorite blogs to read is called Caviar Lover. If you would like to learn more information about caviar, head over to this blog site.

Best Russian Caviar

With so many different types of caviar available worldwide, I thought it would be best if I provide a list of my five favorite caviar options. I would recommend any of the caviar choices on this list to new caviar eaters as well as experienced caviar eaters. Therefore, I have decided to provide brief explanations of what each entails, so you can choose for yourself which type you think you would prefer.

The following are my 5 favorite types of caviar and their brief descriptions:

1. Beluga

Beluga is known to be one of the top caviar options around the globe. This type of caviar has been served to several rich and royal individuals throughout history. It typically looks like large grey beads and has a smooth and creamy texture that almost reminds you of butter.

Beluga Caviar Is the Most Expensive Type of Caviar

2. Ossetra

Ossetra is most likely the second most prestigious type of caviar after beluga. It is known for its appealing beads which are usually a brown, amber, or golden color. This type of caviar is more on the firm side, but it does offer a buttery taste as well.

The Osetra Sturgeon Is One of the Oldest Fish Breeds Globally, Dating Back to the Dinosaurs' Time

3. Sevruga

Servruga caviar usually mixes together the eggs of sturgeon, sevruga, and sterlet. This makes it difficult to find unless you get sevruga that is not in its true form. There are a lot of different imitations of this tasty product, so it is important that you are aware of this and read over your ingredient labels to make sure you are not being served a fake form of sevruga.

Sevruga Is the Smallest of the Caviar-Producing Sturgeons

4. Kaluga

Kaluga is commonly referred to as river beluga. These days, kaluga is usually farmed fish eggs. It has a similar taste to beluga and is gaining popularity with each passing day. The main differences are that it is sustainable and produced under strict quality controls. However, this does not reduce its high-quality features. Kaluga is described as creamy and smooth with a taste of butter. It is definitely a more affordable option.

Restaurant Owners Highly Recommend Kaluga as a Substitute for the Famous Beluga

5. Salmon

Salmon is one of the most attractive caviars that I have ever laid eyes on, which has made it a very popular choice among many caviar eaters. Once you have seen this peachy, pink caviar, I promise that you will never forget it. This type of caviar is a cheap option for those with a lower budget to spend. A lot of people enjoy having salmon caviar on their blinis (Russian pancakes). It is often described as juicy, fresh, and mouthwatering.

Salmon Is Mostly Found in Russia and Alaska

In the next section, I will provide my personal product reviews for a few different products that contain these five caviar choices.


Best Russian Caviar
OLMA Beluga

Best for: individuals who have experience with samovars.

Category: Beluga
Amazon →


Marky’s Beluga

Best for: poople who are fully aware of how to take care of samovars.

Category: Beluga
Amazon →

Marky’s →

Gourmet Foodstore →

Caviar & Caviar

Best for: those who have a higher budget to spend.

Category: Beluga
Amazon →
Fine Food Trading

Best for: people who enjoy collecting samovars.

Category: Ossetra
Amazon →

Fine Food →

OLMA Russian Ossetra

Best for: individuals who love birds, art, and Russian culture.

Category: Ossetra
Amazon →



Best for: those who want to have a samovar that will be the centerpiece of the party.

Category: Ossetra
Amazon →


OLMA Siberian Ossetra

Best for: individuals who are looking for a powerful, long-lasting tea maker.

Category: Ossetra
Amazon →


Marky’s Sevruga

Best for: those looking for an affordable product.

Category: Sevruga
Amazon →

Marky’s →

ORLOFF Sevruga

Best for: individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional one.

Category: Sevruga
Amazon →
OLMA Kaluga

Best for: individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional one.

Category: Sevruga
Amazon →



Best for: individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional one.

Category: Kaluga
Amazon →

Best for: individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional one.

Category: Salmon
Amazon →

Sasanian Caviar →

Gosudarev Zakas

Best for: individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional one.

Category: Salmon
Amazon →

Fish & Caviar →

After searching and buying different caviar products to try online, I wanted to share with you my findings and thoughts on each below. This will be very helpful to those that are in the market and want to purchase caviar from the comfort of their homes or simply do not want to travel to a restaurant to try caviar for the first time.


If you want to get a taste of luxury life, I suggest you order these best beluga caviar options.

1. OLMA Beluga

The OLMA Beluga Hybrid Caviar is a glass jar of Huso Huso and Acipenser Baerii sturgeon eggs. They have been processed by the Caspian Salt Masters and are known for their high quality, delicious taste, and sea salt.

Hybrid Beluga Caviar Possesses a Mild Buttery Note Along With the Earthy and Nutty Tones of Siberian Sturgeon


  • High quality
  • Delicious taste
  • Variety of different sizes


  • A pricey option
  • Must eat fast or will spoil quick
  • Small grains which may be unappealing to those who prefer larger grains

Best For: This caviar option is best for individuals who enjoy black caviar and are willing to spend a lot.

Buying Options:

2. Marky’s Beluga

Marky’s Beluga Hybrid Black Caviar consists of large beads that are creamy like butter. Once you take a bite of this caviar, your mouth will explode with the taste of sea.

Special Selection of Extra Fine Beluga HUS x BAE Caviar for Someone Special


  • The grains are juicy and filled with a lot of flavor
  • More affordable than other caviar choices
  • FDA inspected


  • Must be refrigerated at a low temperature or will spoil quickly
  • May seem pricey to some people, but it is on the cheaper side

Best For: It is best for beginner caviar eaters as well as avid caviar eaters looking for an inexpensive option that has a wonderful taste.

Buying Options:

3. Caviar & Caviar

The River Beluga Caviar is an excellent alternative to wild beluga caviar. It contains large fish eggs that are firm and taste amazing with a bottle of champagne or blinis.

Harvested, Processed and Packed in FDA, USDA, HACCP Inspected Facility


  • A delicious alternative to wild beluga caviar
  • Packed and processed with care
  • Inspected by FDA
  • Each jar offers maximum freshness


  • An expensive option
  • Must be eaten very quickly after receiving
  • Will need to keep refrigerated at a very low temperature or it will go bad

Best For: This caviar choice is best for those willing to spend a lot on caviar and are looking for one of the most high-end alternatives to wild beluga.

Buying Options:


The delicate and creamy taste of osstera caviar will be an excellent addition to almost any snack.

4. Fine Food Trading

The Russian Ossetra Sturgeon Caviar is a farmed version of malossol caviar. It consists of large beads that are a golden color. They tend to melt in your mouth and have a creamy, silky taste.

Osetra Malossol Has a Stronger, Nuttier Taste, and Has an Oilier, Silkier Texture


  • Very good taste
  • Nicely packaged
  • Includes blinis and crème fraiche to enjoy with your caviar


  • More expensive option
  • Some people prefer wild caviar over farmed

Best For: It is best for individuals who are looking for a great tasting farmed caviar. This is an excellent choice for those willing to spend a good amount of money on caviar that is not made of wild sturgeon.

Buying Options:

5. OLMA Russian Ossetra

OLMA Russian Ossetra Caviar has a sweet and salty taste. It is attractive to the eyes and has an amazing taste. Its beads are various sizes and explode in your mouth with each bite.

Russian Osetra Is Regarded as the Most Flavorful Among the Elite Caviars of the World


  • Has a very appealing taste
  • High quality and freshness guaranteed
  • Processed at sustainable farms
  • An affordable option


  • Some people may prefer the wild taste over this farmed taste
  • Can be expensive

Best For: The OLMA Russian Ossetra Caviar is best for those searching for a tasty, farmed caviar option. This caviar is affordable and has a lovely taste.

Buying Options:


The BESTER Premium Ossetra Sturgeon Black Caviar has a nutty flavor and firm texture that will melt in your mouth. These fish eggs are easily noticeable, as they are a light grey or brown color.

"Bester" Caviar Has a Shelf Life of 3-4 Months Under 28-36 F


  • An inexpensive option
  • Traditional style roe
  • Very high quality and great taste
  • All organic


  • Must eat quickly as it cannot last in the refrigerator for long
  • Does not offer a large option

Best For: This caviar product is best for individuals looking for an inexpensive type of caviar. It is high quality, affordable, organic, delicious, and traditional style. What more could you ask for?

Buying Options:

7. OLMA Siberian Osetra

The OLMA Siberian Osetra Aurora Black Caviar is firm and tasty. It is known for its freshness, ability to last for up to 12 months in the refrigerator, and nutty flavor with a hint of sea.

Pasteurized. Shelf Life Is 12 Mounth


  • Can last a good amount of time in the refrigerator
  • Great taste and texture
  • Packaged with care


  • A pricey option
  • Unable to purchase a large amount

Best For: I would recommend this caviar product for those who have eaten caviar before. I believe it is unique in taste and can be easily spread over a blini or toast.

Buying Options:


If you want to try a less classic taste of caviar, we suggest you try these variants of sevruga caviar

8. Marky’s Sevruga

Marky’s Grey Sevruga Premium Sturgeon Caviar is a two-ounce jar of sevruga caviar. This product is malossol cured, packed by hand, and quality checked for flavor, texture, color, size, taste, and freshness.

Special Selection of Extra Fine Grey Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar for Someone Special


  • Great traditional taste
  • Inspected by FDA
  • Very appealing to the eyes
  • All organic


  • More expensive than other options
  • Not a variety of sizes to choose from
  • Needs to be eaten within three days

Best For: This caviar product is best for experienced caviar eaters. It is delicious and a high-quality product, but I believe it will be fully appreciated by avid caviar eaters.

Buying Options:

9. ORLOFF Sevruga

The ORLOFF Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar is a high-quality product with a salty taste. It contains small grey beads that are very flavorful.

Shelf Life Unopened 6 Weeks


  • Will last up to 6 weeks unopened and refrigerated
  • Several different size options to choose from
  • Affordable than other types
  • Perfect for salty caviar lovers


  • Small fish eggs may seem unappealing to those who prefer larger fish eggs
  • Must be always refrigerated at low temperature of 38 degrees or will become spoiled

Best For: It is best for beginner and professional caviar eaters. This product is the perfect choice for anyone with a taste for caviar.

Buying Options:


Kaluga caviar combines unsurpassed taste, quality control and affordable price.

10. OLMA Kaluga

OLMA Royal Kaluga Caviar is shipped in a metal tin of the size that you choose. It is made with pure sea salt and contains large grains that are smooth and creamy.

OLMA Kaluga Caviar Is a Close Cousin and Alternative to Wild Caspian Beluga


  • Great alternative to wild beluga
  • All organic and hand picked
  • Freshness and excellent taste guaranteed
  • Variety of size choices
  • An affordable option


  • Not a good choice for those who prefer wild caviar
  • Can become oily in texture

Best For: The OLMA Royal Kaluga Caviar is best for people who are looking for an affordable option of caviar. I only recommend this product for those who like farm-raised caviar.

Buying Options:

11. ORLOFF Kaluga

ORLOF Kaluga Royal Caviar is a 3.5-ounce jar that offers fruity, fresh, and delicious tastes. The grains are large, juicy, and firm which are a favorite among caviar consumers.

After Receiving Keep Refrigerated 38F or Below


  • Great taste and appearance
  • Good price
  • Nice size for the money
  • Ability to last for 6 weeks unopened and refrigerated


  • Not a variety of sizes to choose from

Best For: This caviar is best for those looking to get a product that is worth the value of their money.

Buying Options:


If you want to enjoy traditional Russian pancakes with caviar, salmon caviar is the best choice for you.

12. Tsaritsa

The Caspian Tradition Russian Style TSARITSA FRESH Salmon & Bowfin Malossal Caviar are two different options that are sold together. Both are tasty, attractive, and offer complete freshness.

Caviar Is Shipped via Air in Thermo-Secure Boxes With Ice Packs, Good for 72 Hours Transit Time


  • Excellent price for two caviar products
  • Inspected by the FDA
  • Can last up to 30 days unopened and refrigerated


  • Does not last as long as some caviar on the shelf
  • Two small cans with no variations of sizes to purchase
  • Can go spoiled very quick if not eaten right away

Best For: This product is perfect for individuals interested in trying two different types of caviar at once. It is a great buy that is worth the money.

Buying Options:

13. Gosudarev Zakas

The Gosudarev Zakas Salmon Red Caviar is a 2-pound can that is pink, juicy, and worth the money. This product is one of my most recommended on this list for everyone to try at least once.

Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union


  • Very appealing to the eye
  • Delicious salmon caviar
  • Great value for the money


  • Must eat quickly or it will become mushy and perish quickly
  • Not recommended for those who do not like salty caviar
  • May be oily from the caviar juice

Best For: It is best for those that love salmon and are looking for a good can of salmon caviar. If you do not like salmon, do not purchase this product.

Buying Options:

There is a video about Andrew Zimmerman visiting St. Petersburg to taste Russia’s most popular food, caviar. This YouTube video created by DMAX UK is not only informational, but also gives you an up-close look at delicious caviar. Check it out.

Let’s look at a few other items that you may need to go along with your caviar.

Buying Caviar, You May Also Need

There are three items that I highly recommend you purchase before buying your caviar. All three of these are great products that truly come in handy when serving and enjoying some delicious caviar. I will tell you about all three items below, and you can decide for yourself whether you may need them or not.

1. Glass Caviar Chiller Server Set and 2 Caviar Spoons

Glass Caviar Chiller Server Set and 2 Caviar SpoonsThis chiller server set and two caviar spoons helps keep your caviar chilled for hours.

If you are worried about your caviar getting warm in room temperatures, buy this set. It will solve your problem.

2. Marky’s Russian Blinis

Marky's Russian BlinisThese blinis are tasty pancakes that are perfect with your caviar.

They are made homemade by a traditional Russian recipe.

If you are looking for a sweet treat to serve with your caviar, these are the perfect choice.

3. Crème Fraiche

Crème FraicheThis package of crème fraiche has a tangy nut flavor. It is a Russian tradition to have crème fraiche with your caviar because it is used to get rid of the saltiness from the eggs.

If you need something to thicken your sauces or accompany your caviar, consider purchasing this crème fraiche.

If you would like to have some Russian tea with your caviar, you should consider purchasing a Russian electric samovar. To learn more about this unique product, visit this article.

Useful Resources


As you can see, there are several different options when it comes to choosing caviar. I hope that after you read this article, you will have learned some interesting facts about Russian caviar, know which one is the perfect choice for you, and will understand how this appetizing entrée is produced in Russia. If you have never tried caviar before, I believe that I cover the best Russian caviar types. So, you will not be disappointed with any of the selections mentioned above. Enjoy!