Have You Noticed the Size of Russia and Thought Why Is Russia So Big? Let’s Discover This

Recently, I was looking at a map of different countries around the world when I immediately noticed how large Russia is. It sparked my curiosity to know why is Russia so big. Therefore, I began doing research to determine an explanation for this.

Have You Noticed the Size of Russia and Thought Why Is Russia So Big? Let's Discover This

To no surprise, I quickly learned that Russia is the largest country around the globe and takes up one-tenth of the land on the entire planet. How interesting is that? I wanted to learn more about why this may be and share with others who may have questioned this as well.

Many people imagine the geography of Russia like this (lol), so we decided to tell you more about it.

After reading this article, you will officially know:

  • Several geographical facts about Russia
  • The historical reasons why Russia is so big
  • And the geographical reasons why Russia is so big

Some Geographical Facts About Russia

Before jumping into this article and giving you an answer on why Russia is so big, I wanted to tell you a few compelling geographical facts about Russia. As mentioned already, it is the largest country in the entire world. Its capital is Moscow, and the type of government that is in charge is called a Federation government.

To get more in-depth, I found out that Russia has a population of 142,122,776, and the money used to purchase everyday items is called Ruble. The area measures to be 6,592,772 square miles, which spans across 11 different time zones and two continents (Asia and Europe). As a matter of fact, the Asian part of Russia is a lot larger than the European part of Russia, but that is only by land area.

The population is much larger in the European part of Russia even if its land is smaller

This country consists of seven federal districts, which include North-West, Far East, Volga, Central, Siberia, South, and Ural. It also contains 21 different republics, two federal cities, six federal territories, 10 autonomous areas, 49 various regions, and one autonomous region.

When it comes to the climate, bodies of water, and mountains, there are more than 100,000 rivers, two major mountain ranges, three ocean coasts, and many different types of climates. Its coasts are on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans. Its two major mountain ranges are Altay and Ural, and its major rivers include Volga, Ob, Yenisey, Amur, Lena, and Irtysh.

Some areas are covered in snow, while others are warm or rainy

The landscape of Russia is comprised of deserts, frozen waters and land, very tall mountains, and massive marshes. Most of Russia is either covered in forests or spread out treeless plains, depending on which part you go to.

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In addition, my advice is to watch Epic History TV’s YouTube video. This video is a must-see as it goes into detail about the history of Russia. Keep in mind that you may have to set time aside to watch this video because it is five episodes and a little over 45-minutes long. However, it will open your eyes to comprehending everything there is to know about this amazing country.

Now, I will go over the historical reasons explaining why Russia is so big.

Why Is Russia So Big – Historical Reasons

I want to first give you an idea of how enormous Russia is before providing you with the reasons why. On that account, you can fit about 25 Frances and 47 Germanys inside the country of Russia, which is insane to think about! Many of the reasons that answer the question of why is Russia so big come from its intriguing history.

To elaborate on the historical reasons, Russia went through a time of territorial expansion. This happened because many principalities were always at war with one another during the 15th and 16th centuries. It finally stopped when Moscow was put in charge and began uniting all the Russian territories. However, in the 15th century, the Russian Cossacks wanted to conquer all the land in the Far East and Siberia, which make up over 75 percent of Russia’s land. They eventually did obtain this land. So, in simple terms, the goal of winning over the Siberian area is what ultimately led to Russia becoming the biggest country geographically.

The map shows how the territory of Russia has changed over time

By the middle of the 16th century, the Russian residents made it all the way to the Pacific Ocean. It is believed that the land and people were able to be defeated and conquered so easily because it was land that barely had any inhabitants. The territories were cold, unfrequented, very large, and spread out as well as had a population density of about 3 people per square mile. That being the case, the small amount of people who did live in the Siberia area had no issues with joining the Russian country.

After reading this section of my article, you may be wondering what if Russia never conquered Siberia. I came across a thought-provoking YouTube video created by AlternateHistoryHub. This video explains a scenario that may have happened if Russia never took over Siberia. Without the enormous portion of Siberia, Russia would have been a lot smaller. For a detailed look at how this would have looked, watch this short mind-boggling video.

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Another great video that I suggest watching is Johnny Harris’ YouTube video called, “Why is Russia SO DAMN BIG.” Although this video is quite lengthy, it is filled with so many interesting facts about the size of Russia. I promise that you will not regret watching it.

Next, I will focus on the geographical reasons that led to Russia being larger than other countries.

Why Is Russia So Big – Geographical Reasons

When it comes to the geographical reasons of why Russia is huge, a lot of this country is covered in permafrost, taiga, and tundra. In truth, over 20 percent of Russia is situated above the Arctic Circle. As a result of this, the very harsh and cold climate in the Siberian area causes difficult conditions for individuals to live, which means not many people reside in this area and no other country is interested in taking it over. Therefore, since Russians took over these areas many years ago, they gained a ton of land that no one else is interested in, which gave this country its large size that it proudly has today.

To see a video on the geographical reasons that made it possible for Russians to form one of the largest countries in the world, watch Knowledgia’s YouTube video. This two-minute video is very informative and will help you understand the geographical reasons of why Russia is so big.

One more video that I recommend taking a look at is General Knowledge’s YouTube video. This is a fun animated video that explains how Russia developed into a very big country. After watching this video, you will feel like you have a better understanding of how Russians took over land and became the largest country on Earth.

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I hope this article answers your question of why is Russia so big. As someone who has also wondered this, I assure you that you are not alone. Many people have looked at a map and have been blown away by the size of Russia compared to other countries. There are a variety of historical and geographical reasons explaining this massive growth that made Russia as big as it is today. By taking the time to learn them, you are becoming more aware and knowledgeable about your planet and the countries that occupy it. Happy learning!

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