Want to Purchase a Russian Electric Samovar? Let’s Learn About This Unique Product and Find 9 Best Models!

Russian electric samovars are beautiful products that are used for making tea. If you are a tea lover like me, you may want to try different tea making products, which is how I came across these fantastic devices. I find samovars very interesting, and the tea that is made in these products seems to taste better.

Want to purchase a Russian electric samovar? Let's learn about this unique product and find 9 best models!

Since I mentioned that I am a tea lover, I have done my research and have lots of experience with different types of tea makers. Before I try anything, I like to learn about it. Therefore, I want my readers to know that I am providing them with facts and not just opinions.

Speaking of tea, I feel like everyone should understand the importance of the Russian tea ceremony first and foremost, as it has played a vital role in the development of samovars. These types of ceremonies are for families and friends to get together and have a delicious cup of tea for Chainichat (meaning to pass time by drinking tea). Everyone enjoys a nice conversation while drinking their tea made from a samovar. Unlike the Japanese tea ceremony, the setting of the Russian tea ceremony is typically somewhere casual and lasts a long time. Therefore, a lot of tea is brewed, so the guests can sip on as much tea as they desire while spending time with loved ones.

After reading this article, you will have learned the following:

  • What a samovar is, what it does, and how to use one.
  • The top facts about Russian samovars and their history.
  • How to choose the best samovar that fits you and your needs.
  • My top list of recommended Russian electric samovars.
  • And about a few tasty sweets that are very popular in Russia.

I have researched over 50 different products and chose 9 of them for this article. I feel like the 9 products in this article are the absolute best of all the samovars I have come across. Although they did not make my list, I think that the Steel Coal and Wood Samovar and the Lomonosov Porcelain Brewing Teapot are both wonderful products worth checking out. After conducting lots of research, I am confident that my list of Russian electric samovars is the best.

What Is a Samovar?

I want to first start out by saying that a samovar is not only an object for tea making, but it has become a big part of the Russian culture. Samovars are mentioned in Russian songs, shown in magnificent Russian paintings, and are engrained in the minds of many Russian individuals when they think about their childhood and home country. Memories of samovars typically include sitting with loved ones, feeling the warmth of family and friends, and enjoying flavorful tea and conversation.

Drinking Tea Together Is a Kind of Tradition for Russians

Russian electric samovar is a large container that heats up and boils water for tea. In fact, the word samovar means “self-brewer.” While Americans typically boil tea on a stove, Russians have this unique device that boils the tea for them. It is common to see samovars highly decorated, as they are the centerpiece of many Russian get-togethers. When there is time for socializing or a big event, the samovar is pulled out and ready to begin using.

These amazing devices became increasingly popular in Russia around 1780. Although samovars are very complex products that consists of 17-20 parts, villages around Russia would specialize in making one part each. This was beneficial to helping construct these unique, complex, and expensive products. In the city of Tula, a large factory was eventually opened by the Lisitsyn brothers to make samovars at a faster and cheaper rate.

The Museum of Russian Samovar in Tula

Once every household began using electrical samovars, the old ones that were heated with twigs and pinecones began disappearing at a rapid rate. Many families could never imagine heating tea any other way, and the samovar quickly became one of the most well-known Russian symbols in the world.

If you have become fascinated with samovars but do not understand how to use them, take a look at Saki’s YouTube video. The goal of this quick video is to briefly explain what a samovar is as well as how to brew tea in these beautifully decorated tea urns used in Russia.

After watching this video, I will now provide you with a few important facts about Russian samovars.

Top 9 Facts About Russian Samovars

In this section, I will give you some top facts about Russian samovars. These were fun for me to learn about, so I think you will enjoy learning them as well.

1. Samovars Were First Created in 1740

Samovars are one of the most popular products that have ever been produced in the city of Tula, Russia. At the end of the 18th century, samovars were being mass produced in a factory in Tula. However, before they were given the name “samovar,” they were referred to as “water-heating machines.” In documents and papers from 1740, the term “water-heating machine” was found, which were being created in Demidov Manufacture in Suksun.

2. Pinecones Were the Original Object to Use to Heat Water

People who used the original samovars typically used pinecones, wood, or coal to heat the water. Pinecones burn very quickly as well as give an aroma to the water. Nowadays, pinecones are only added to the water when the water is getting ready to boil.

Every Russian Enjoys the Smell of Pines

3. There Are So Many Different Types of Samovars

When choosing a samovar, you will be met with countless options. The handles, taps, and shapes are all different. Majority of individuals choose the cylindrical samovars because they are the cheapest and most popular option. However, I must admit that other shapes are neat looking as well, such as the vodka glass shape, sphere shape, egg shape, gun barrel shape, vase shape, and more.

4. The Price Was Determined by the Weight of the Samovar

In the 19th century, individuals who purchased samovars were charged by how much they weighed. In the beginning, they were made of copper, but there were malfunctions after they were cleaned which resulted in craftsmen switching to brass, pinchbeck, and cupronickel materials. It was also a known fact that the weight of the samovar affected the quality.

A Heavier Samovar Had Thicker Walls Which Meant That Heat Would Last Longer

5. They Are Polished With Bricks

A samovar will not shine unless it has been polished. They have been polished with wet sand, ash, and brick dust. It is worth mentioning that these devices take a long time to polish, so you should get started well in advance before it is time for your special event.

6. The Largest Samovar Can Serve More Than 2,000 People

The largest samovar in the world that is still fully functioning can hold 555 liters of water. This equates to tea for 2,220 people. It is about 2.5 meters tall with its exhaust pipe attached and 1.72 meters detached. This specific samovar was made in the city of Perm in 2014 by Alexander Novokshonov. It made its way into the Russian Book of Records.

2,220 People Equal a Smal Town or a Large Village in Russia

7. The Most Ever Paid for a Samovar Was 274,400 Pounds of Sterling

In 2004, someone bought a samovar in London at a Sotheby’s auction for 274,400 pounds. The samovar was made of beautiful pure silver around 1899 by Carl Faberge, which is a famous jeweler. The buyer was a very wealthy individual who proudly collects Russian artifacts.

8. Samovars Are Often Found in Russian Art and Is Still Considered to Be a Favored Art Piece Today

Since the very early days of samovars, people have found them to be fascinating. They quickly were considered to be part of Russian art. In fact, these products are known as one of the most beautiful household items. Samovars can be seen in many legendary paintings, drawings, and photographs. Today, they are often found on people’s Instagram photos.

The Most Popular Samovar Piece of Art Is "Merchant's Wife at Tea" by Boris Kustodiev (in the Middle)

9. There Are Small Samovars

Samovars are typically sold in sizes of 3-8 liters. However, there are small samovars. The smaller ones tend to be rare, very hard to find, and expensive. Samovars that only served one glass of tea were referred to as “The Egoist,” and samovars that served two glasses were called “The Tete-a-tete.” Several of the small samovars can be found at the Tula Samovar Museum.

Although Russian samovars have been called the strangest teapots in the world, they are truly interesting devices. If you would like to see a detailed video on how to make tea in a real Russian samovar, check out Different Russia’s YouTube video. Throughout the video, you will learn about one of Russia’s important traditions and customs, which is tea making in a samovar.

If you have come across this article because you are obsessed and intrigued by the Russian culture, you can also learn 21 extraordinary facts about Russian culture in this article.

Now, I will help you choose the perfect samovar that will fit you and your needs.

Guide on How to Choose a Samovar

There are a few things that you should consider while choosing and buying a samovar. I will point out these things below.

1. Classic Design or Modern Design

There are so many Russian electric samovars with classic design, but some people prefer to move away from the traditional look and buy a more modern design that will fit in with the rest of their home. This is simply a personal choice, as I cannot tell you one is better than the other. A lot of people associate the classic design with Russia, but the modern design is becoming very popular as well. Make sure you know which one you prefer, so that you do not end up with a product that you are not completely satisfied with.

2. The Price You Want to Spend

This is one of the most important things that you need to decide before choosing a samovar. Without knowing your potential budget, you cannot go shopping for one of these awesome tea makers. Give yourself a limit, as you do not want to spend over your budget. If this is your first time owning a samovar, you may want to go with a cheaper option to make sure that you can properly take care of one before you spend a lot. However, if you are just looking for a collector’s item or have owned a samovar before, spend however much you think is a good price for your wallet.

Samovar Is Not a Cheap Device

3. What Size You May Need

The question to ask yourself for this element is how many people do I plan to host with my samovar. Once you have determined how many guests you will typically have over to drink some tea on occasions, you will be able to quickly figure out what size samovar you may need. I would recommend not getting a huge samovar if you plan to only serve about 4 people.

4. What Others Are Saying About the Item You Are Interested In

Always read the reviews! Do not ever purchase any item without seeing what others have said. There is a good chance that the people writing the reviews have purchased the same product and have began using it. By reading what others are saying about the samovar that you are interested in, you will get an authentic view of someone who owns the same samovar that you might buy. If you see a lot of negative reviews, my advice is to look at other samovars unless your heart is really set on one regardless of the reviews.

After conducting lots of research and looking at many different samovars, I have narrowed my list of best Russian electric samovars down to nine products.

Best Russian Electric Samovars
Khokhloma Set

Best for: individuals who have experience with samovars.

Category: Classical Design
Amazon → 

Etsy → 

PlastMet Set "Poppies"

Best for: poople who are fully aware of how to take care of samovars.

Category: Classical Design
Amazon → 


SkazkaSite Poppies Hand Painted Set

Best for: those who have a higher budget to spend.

Category: Classical Design
Amazon → 

Skazka →

Etsy → 

TULA Daisies Set

Best for: people who enjoy collecting samovars.

Category: Classical Design
Amazon → 

Walmart →

Traditional Russian Tea Maker "Bird"

Best for: individuals who love birds, art, and Russian culture.

Category: Classical Design
Amazon → 

Walmart →

Acorn Russian Tea Maker

Best for: those who want to have a samovar that will be the centerpiece of the party.

Category: Classical Design
Amazon → 

STPgoods →

Khohloma Kettle with Teapot and Tray

Best for: individuals who are looking for a powerful, long-lasting tea maker.

Category: Classical Design
Amazon → 

Etsy →

GOLDA INC. Glass Tea Maker

Best for: those looking for an affordable product.

Category: Modern Design
Amazon →
SAKI Stainless Steel Tea Maker

Best for: individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional one.

Category: Modern Design
Amazon → 

Saki →

I am confident in my list and feel like my readers will be satisfied with each of these items. I have divided them into two categories, which are classical design and modern design. If you have a preference, you should only go to that category. Otherwise, enjoy looking at my entire list!

Electric Samovars With Classical Design

The classical design samovars are usually hand-painted, bright, and beautifully designed. They are what you typically think of when you imagine the traditional Russian samovar.

1. Khokhloma Set

This beautiful red samovar is designed to keep your tea boiling hot. It is hand-painted, made from sturdy steel, and has a comfortable handle to ensure that you can easily pick it up.

Ideal for Kitchen Interior, but Also Can Be Used Outside for Tea Drinking


  1. Can be used inside or outside
  2. Very attractively painted
  3. Keeps your tea boiling hot


  1. The paint may chip over time
  2. On the more expensive side

Best For: This samovar is best for individuals who have experience with samovars and have a higher budget to spend.

Buying Options:

2. PlastMet Set “Poppies”

This is a samovar tea maker that was made in Russia. It is made of brass and is beautifully hand-painted.

Keep an Eye to Avoid Water Splashing When It Boils


  1. Very attractive
  2. Includes a teapot for pouring
  3. Keeps tea hot


  1. Missing safety bells and whistles
  2. Sometimes water will splash when boiling
  3. On the more expensive side

Best For: This item is best for those who have had a samovar before or have a huge passion for samovars and are fully aware of how to take care of them.

Buying Options:

3. SkazkaSite Poppies Hand Painted Set

This samovar is stunning when it comes to appearance and works great when it comes to keeping your tea hot. It is a beautiful hand-painted ceramic teamaker.

This Samovar Is Completely Ready for Use in the USA


  1. Will keep your tea boiling hot
  2. Can be used inside and outside
  3. Very appealing to the eye


  1. On the more expensive side
  2. Paint may wear off after awhile

Best For: It is best for individuals who have owned a samovar before, are passionate about these products, and have a higher budget to spend.

Buying Options:

4. TULA Daisies Set

This Daisies samovar set is incredibly hand-painted with amazing detail and designs. It is made of brass and manufactured in Russia.

The Water in Electric Samovars Remains Warm for at Least 1 Hour


  1. Very attractive designs
  2. Can boil very fast
  3. Excellent quality


  1. On the expensive side
  2. Cables may get too hot if plugged in too long; be cautious
  3. Will only keep water warm for up to one hour

Best For: This samovar is best for individuals who have used these types of products before, enjoy collecting samovars, and have a higher budget to spend.

Buying Options:

5. Traditional Russian Tea Maker “Bird”

This very beautiful samovar is perfect for bird lovers. It will not only impress your guests by its appearance, but will also brew strong, delicious tea quickly.

Essential Appliance to Brew Strong, Tasty Tea With a Rich and Deep Flavor


  1. Very beautiful and detailed design
  2. Brews tea amazingly
  3. Excellent quality
  4. Long-lasting


  1. Nothing included
  2. On the pricey side

Best For: The Bird samovar is best for individuals who love birds, art, and Russian culture. This item is an excellent product for tea making, but it also makes a wonderful heirloom to keep for decades to come.

Buying Options:

6. Acorn Russian Tea Maker

This brass gold samovar is unique in appearance and is sure to wow your guests at your next tea party.

This Device Has 8-10 Mins Time to Boil


  1. Boils water very fast
  2. Has automatic shut off, so you do not need to stand close by when using
  3. Very nice in appearance


  1. On the pricey side
  2. Plain in designs compared to other samovars on this list
  3. Nothing included

Best For: It is best for individuals who appreciate gold and want to have a samovar that will be the centerpiece of the party. This product will definitely stand out and do a good job at brewing some tasty tea.

Buying Options:

7. Khohloma Kettle with Teapot and Tray

This elegantly made Khohloma samovar is a high-quality product that will keep your tea at a hot temperature.

A Samovar Kettle Is the Cornerstone of Every Good Kitchen’s Collection of Gadgets


  1. Can be used inside or outside
  2. Very appealing to the eye
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Boils water very fast


  1. Paint may chip over time
  2. On the expensive side

Best For: This samovar is best for individuals who have a higher budget to spend and are looking for a powerful, long-lasting tea maker that represents the incredible Russian culture.

Buying Options:

Electric Samovars With Modern Design

The modern design samovars are up-to-date and stylish in today’s world. These types of samovars are not what you typically imagine when you think of a traditional samovar, but they blend in well with the present-day homes.

8. GOLDA INC. Glass Tea Maker

The Golda Inc. glass samovar is a very modern tea maker that will intrigue your guests.

Automatic Switch to Keep Warm Function — Saves 90% Energy


  1. On the cheaper/affordable side
  2. Saves energy
  3. Boils water very fast
  4. Very modern and attractive design
  5. One year warranty


  1. Must pay attention to make sure it is boiling and not in warm mode
  2. Sometimes it may leak
  3. May rust after awhile

Best For: It is best for individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional one. This is also a good option for those looking for an affordable product.

Buying Options:

9. SAKI Stainless Steel Tea Maker

The SAKI electric samovar is the perfect option for a modern-day tea party with your family and loved ones.

This Samovar Has an Extra-Fine Filter for Exceptional Full-Bodied Flavors


  1. Does a great job at keeping tea warm for hours
  2. 1 year warranty
  3. Strainer extracts flavors then releases them for a tasty tea
  4. Very affordable


  1. On the smaller side; do not plan to use this tea maker for a lot of guests
  2. It may leak water sometimes
  3. Very plain looking compared to some of the other products on this list

Best For: This product is best for individuals who prefer a modern style samovar over a traditional style samovar. It is a very affordable option that will brew you some great tasting tea in minutes.

Buying Options:

I also encourage you to go check out Piterville on Instagram and TikTok. This Russian group of bloggers are known for showcasing their samovars, sharing jokes, and folk dancing. They have grown to become very popular on social media and have gained a lot of followers. You may find them funny and entertaining, while also catching glimpses of them enjoying tea from their samovars from time to time.

Russian Sweets – K Chayu

After you have decided on the best samovar for you and your guests, I would be glad to suggest a few Russian sweets that you should serve to accompany your freshly brewed tea. The following are three treats that are highly favored by Russian individuals:

1. Russian Traditional Halva

There Are Many Types of Hhalva: With Nuts, Chocolate, etc.These Russian sunflower seeds are vanilla flavored. They are described as fresh, authentic, and sweet which is the perfect mix.

If you are looking to try real Russian halva or are searching for the authentic halva that you grew up on, this product is the perfect choice!

2. Candies Mishka Kosolapy

The Candy Packaging Depicts the Picture "The Morning in a Pine Forest" by Ivan ShishkinThis gift box is filled with delicious Russian chocolate candies. They are a classic type of candy that bring Russian individuals back to their childhood memories.

Most people describe them as similar to Kit Kat’s or Nabisco wafers, but much better!

If you are looking for the perfect Russian candy that isn’t too sweet, try this!

3. Classic Chocolate Alenka

The Most Popular Chocolate in RussiaThis product consists of 13 milk chocolates in a box. It is a classic Russian sweet that was developed in 1966 and has remained the same since.

Most people from Russia immediately recognize the box, as it has been unchanged along with the tasty recipe. In fact, the Alenka candies are one of the most popular and sought-after candies in Russia and around the world. If you would like to try some of the best chocolates that you have ever tasted, purchase a box of Chocolate Alenka Russian Candies today.

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I hope that this article was helpful to you in your search for the perfect Russian electric samovar. If you are not in the market for one of these devices and are just intrigued to know more, I hope that you learned all about it, including what it does, how to work one, and its monumental history. After all, the Russian samovar is one of the most impressive products that I have ever discovered around the world.

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