Feeling Under the Weather? Take Advantage of This Amazing Russian Tea Recipe for Colds

With Winter on its way, I have decided to share a Russian tea recipe for colds that I found. Once the cold weather rolls in, people begin to start feeling under the weather and typically experience at least one cough or sniffle during this season. In fact, I usually come down with a couple colds during these colder months, but I have learned to combat them with an amazing cup of magic created by Russians.

This article will probably be no surprise to my readers who know that I love to drink tea. I have been on the lookout for a tea recipe to drink when I am sick, so I did my research and found the perfect one. Therefore, I wanted to share with others who may find themselves struggling to get on with their daily lives and activities while also dealing with an annoying illness.

After reading this article, you will officially know:

  • How Russians tend to cope with colds.
  • The famous Russian tea recipe for colds.
  • Other types of Russian drinks to try for small illnesses.

How Russians Cope With Colds

Everyone experiences aggravating sicknesses occasionally, the pesky runny nose, the tickle in the throat, and the troublesome cough that will not go away. Sometimes, it is just expected to get a cold in the brisk months. However, the Russians have come up with helpful ways to cope with colds.

Below, I will list a few of the suggestions to follow if you are experiencing a cold.

  • 1. Dress warmly. If it is cold outside, be sure to wear warm clothes and never forget your coat.
  • 2. Do not open a window during the wintertime. Cold air can make you sick. So, if your closed window has an air draft leaking through, do not sit by it. Also, do not turn on the air conditioner during the winter.
  • 3. Make sure you do not eat or drink anything cold if you are feeling under the weather. Russians firmly stand by this recommendation. It is common for Russian individuals to drink hot Russian tea for colds or anytime during the winter months. A few other liquids are recommended also, such as warm chicken broth or water.
  • 4. Steam your knees and elbows. This is an unusual and unique method, but Russians swear by it. You can use two pots of hot water and place your elbows and knees in each.
  • 5. Use garlic. Since garlic is known for possessing antiviral properties, Russians make beads out of the garlic cloves and place them around a sick person’s neck. It is believed that the garlic will kill the virus. Some people even create nasal drops out of garlic juice and water. Doctors warn that this should only be done once a day though.

Take a quick look at this YouTube video created by Russian blog by Tanya Andriyanova. In the video, she goes over the most popular methods that Russians use to treat cold and flu symptoms. This video will be beneficial to anyone who is experiencing a minor sickness and is looking for a way to treat it.

It is always recommended to learn more about the country in which you are trying their food or drink. For other facts about the Russian culture, please check out my other article by clicking here.

Russian Tea Recipe for Colds

There are several different ways to make the Russian tea recipe for colds, but I will share with you the way that I like it best. I cannot recommend this recipe enough, as it is splendid and works great at settling an irritating seasonal cold.

The following is the simple tea recipe created by Russian individuals to help with colds:

1. Mix eight quarts of water, four cinnamon sticks, and 30 garlic cloves.

2. Bring the mixture to a boil for 10 minutes.

3. Pour in two cups of lemon juice, one 12 ounce can of orange juice, two 46-ounce cans of pineapple juice, and seven cups of sugar. Begin stirring all these ingredients together.

4. Use a strainer if needed to pull the cinnamon and garlic cloves out.

5. Pour a glass of tea while still hot. Enjoy!

It is part of the Russian culture to use a beautiful teamaker, which is called an electric samovar. If you are interested in learning more about these unique products and possibly purchasing one, I recommend reading my article about the best electric samovars by clicking here. You will also need to know how to use a samovar, which you can find in this article.

For a quick Russian tea recipe, watch How Do You Do’s YouTube video. In the video, you will be given the necessary ingredients as well as the directions on how to make a great Russian tea in the wintertime.

After learning the special tea recipe, I will tell you about a few other types of drinks to consider for your cold.

Other Russian Drinks for Colds

There are a few other Russian drinks that you can try if you are not fond of tea or just want something new to sip on. I have tried several of these, and they are all tasty. I will go into detail below about these delicious drinks that may help your cold symptoms subside.

1. Mors

Mors is made of crushed berries, water, and sugar. You mix those ingredients together, and it forms into a flavorful drink that should help with your illness. Any type of berry can be used, but it is best to choose the ones that are high in vitamin C to help build your immune system.

2. Raspberry Jam

Homemade raspberry jam, sometimes called “varenie,” is a common recipe that is mixed into milk, tea, or hot water. It is filled with vitamin C, making it the perfect ingredient for a yucky cold. Raspberries are also known to have an anti-inflammatory and heating effect, which is perfect for healing your sickness.

3. Black Radish and Honey

Surprisingly, black radish is easy to find in Russia. It may be more difficult to spot out in other countries. However, if you can get your hands on this product, cut off the top and make the inside hollow. The goal is to be able to fit a tablespoon of honey in the radish. Let this sit overnight, so it can form into a mix of honey and radish juice. After you drink the juice, you should start feeling the phlegm clearing from your throat and chest.

4. Sbiten

Sbiten is a Russian drink that was very popular before tea appeared. It has been given the nickname “Russian mulled wine” and consists of honey, cinnamon, ginger, citrus, garlic cloves, and several other ingredients. This is a hot drink that is considered to have a sweet taste and is preferred on a crisp winter day. Some people use water, while others use red wine. It all depends on if you want an alcoholic beverage or not.

5. Hot Juice With Vodka and Honey

The simple, go-to remedy for a lot of Russian individuals is hot juice (orange or cranberry) with vodka and honey. This is quite delicious and is a very old, well-known remedy that is believed to do the trick quickly.

If you were under the impression that Russians are not affected by any wintry weather, check out the YouTube video created by Anna Leonova. She explains how this assumption is not true and how people deal with the colder months in Russia. This video is very informational and worth watching for anyone curious about the Russian weather.

If tea is still your choice of drink, I do not blame you. I always prefer tea myself, which is why I was surprised to find out that drinking Russian tea has a lot of great health benefits. If you would like to learn more about these benefits, you can find them in this article.

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I hope that this Russian tea recipe for colds helps soothe your sore, achy throat as well as relieves your congestion and stuffy nose. I understand that during times of desperation, humans are willing to try almost anything. Therefore, I wanted to share this tea recipe which has worked for me countless times. If it does provide you with some comfort, you will have a recipe to refer back and pass along to others during these despairing times.

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