Do You Love Caviar and Want to Know the Correct Caviar Serving Suggestions? Let’s Find Out

If you are like me and cannot get enough of caviar (sometimes referred to as “roe”), you may be wondering how much you should be eating or serving to your guests.

I am guilty of not knowing when to stop eating this tasty food. Therefore, I decided to do some research and find out the appropriate serving suggestions for caviar. After much thought, I decided to share my findings because I am certain that other caviar lovers may be also wondering the same thing. With the prices of caviar continuously increasing, your wallet may also be curious to know how much caviar you should serve to others without appearing too frugal or wasting this expensive food.

After reading this article, you will officially know:

  • The beverages that go well with caviar
  • What you should eat with caviar
  • The appropriate caviar serving suggestions
  • And the step-by-step guide on the best ways to eat caviar

The Beverages to Be Paired with Caviar

The two most popular beverages that are commonly paired with caviar are vodka and champagne. Most roe connoisseurs enjoy a small cup of cold vodka because they say it brings out the roe’s authentic, fresh taste. Your mouth will be bursting with flavors of roe. Professional roe eaters also prefer champagne with their meal as it brings out the salty taste. Therefore, I would say it depends on which type of taste you want to bring out and maximize.

If you want an authentic fishy taste, go with ice cold vodka, and choose champagne if you want a saltier taste. I have tried both champagne and vodka with my roe, and I love both. Some days I am more partial to vodka, and some days I am more partial to champagne when eating this tasty meal. So, my advice is to try both because it is a personal preference. If you are having guests over for some caviar, I suggest serving both and letting everyone try each and decide on their own which they may prefer.

Watch Indulgence’s YouTube video on how to serve caviar and champagne together. This video is based on Chef Daniel Eddy who was a chef in New York City. He gives several tips on how to properly serve roe as well as what he believes tastes phenomenal with this flavorful ingredient.

Next, I will go over what you should eat roe with.

What to Eat Caviar With

There are a variety of different types of foods or snacks that you can eat and serve with your caviar. Although you can eat anything that your taste buds desire with it, my suggestion is to select a type of food that will still bring out the roe’s delicious flavors. Of course, roe can also be served alone, but a lot of people like to serve it with another type of food.

Below, I will list several types of foods and snacks that are often served and eaten with mouthwatering caviar.

  1. Blinis or Russian pancakes
  2. Crackers and crispbreads
  3. Bread or toast
  4. Potatoes
  5. Hen or quail eggs
  6. Onion
  7. Sour cream, cream cheese, or butter
  8. Hard-boiled eggs
  9. Oysters
  10. White chocolate
  11. Pita chips
  12. Bagels

The goal is to not overpower the taste of the roe. Therefore, you should choose a type of food or snack that does not have a lot of flavors. This will ensure that the roe is the most flavorful part of the dish.

Watch Kirby Allison’s YouTube video which goes into detail on how to serve roe. This video does an excellent job explaining how Petrossian Caviar came about as well as what can be served with it to make it even more delicious.

Another great video to consider checking out is SCMP Style’s YouTube video. This video will teach you what to properly pair with roe, which is something we all could learn as roe lovers.

If you are interested in trying some of the best Russian caviar, check out my other article in which I have made a list of my favorite types of Russian caviar. I promise that you will not be disappointed with any of the products on the list! Click here to take a look.

Caviar Serving Suggestions

It is difficult to understand caviar because it is a luxurious food, but it is also a very expensive food that people do not want to waste. Therefore, most people are interested in learning how much should they serve for guests to enjoy while also ensuring that they do not look cheap. This is also such an appetizing food that it is sometimes hard to hold back from eating too much, which is why I wanted to go over the proper caviar serving suggestions.

No matter how tempted you may be, do not eat too much of roe. It is considered to be bad etiquette to eat too much of this type of food. I would suggest only eating two ounces or about two spoonfuls. This means that you should determine how many guests you are planning to have and prepare to serve two spoons of roe per each guest.

I understand that roe tastes so good that you could probably eat almost a whole jar by yourself. However, it is a pricey product that is not meant to be inhaled or scarfed down. The objective of eating this type of food is to enjoy it, take it all in, and savor every taste. Take about a half a teaspoon and let the fish eggs rupture in your mouth. Take your time eating it and bask in the glory of this delicious treat.

For everything that you need to know about serving caviar, take a look at’s YouTube video. This video features William Oates who works at Prime Steakhouse. He gives an in-depth introduction on the best way to store and serve roe.

Now, I will explain the best ways to eat and serve caviar.

Best Ways to Eat and Serve Caviar – A 4 Steps Guide

I have created a step-by-step guide on how to eat and serve caviar. I will explain each step below. First, make sure that you are using a very cold bowl that is situated inside another bowl that is filled with ice. Also, be sure to use utensils made of glass, wood, plastic, mother-of-pearl, or gold.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to eat and serve roe:

1. Begin by Tasting

You can get a good taste by placing a small amount of roe on the back of your hand, in between your thumb and index finger. This will also help you determine if the roe is at the best temperature, which is usually a cool temperature. Look at the color and shape to make sure it is sufficient. Take in a whiff of the smell to also ensure that it smells properly. After you have checked out the quality of the roe, you can finally put it in your mouth. I recommend taking a minute to fully absorb all its flavors.

2. Try for a Salty Taste

Caviar has a very unique and distinctive taste. Therefore, use it as a type of spread. Spread the roe on a cracker, slice of toast, bagel, or even an egg. The roe is guaranteed to give a salty taste, which majority of professional roe eaters love.

3. Use It as a Dish Side

You can get fancy and serve roe as a dish side. For example, pair it with some potatoes, vegetables, or even an omelet. Anyone is certain to love it with any of these dishes. It can be the main course or a secondary course. Either way, it is sure to be yummy!

4. Use It as a Meal Topper

Several restaurants are known for making their roe a top dish with their various ingredients and meal choices. For example, many top-level chefs will scoop out some caviar and place it on top of other exceptional meal choices such as pasta dishes, fish dishes, polenta, and so much more. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to what you can do with roe. The only piece of advice that most people give is to make sure it is a neutral-tasting dish that you are topping with caviar.

If you are looking for easy ways to serve caviar, take a peek at Darren Sierra’s YouTube video. It provides a quick and easy method to serve caviar, which is delicious and effective when preparing for a dinner party quickly. As someone who may think serving roe is difficult, you will think otherwise after watching this video.

Since caviar is part of the Russian culture, I recommend learning more about this fascinating country. Click here to read about 21 extraordinary Russian cultural facts while enjoying your roe.

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I hope this article helps you with determining the appropriate caviar serving suggestions. As you can see, there are certain foods and drinks that you should serve and eat with your roe even though it is ultimately about personal preference. Eating roe is one of my favorite pastimes, but I do like to research and find out what is proper to serve with it as well as how much I should be eating. I think that this makes it a more interesting and fun experience.

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